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Javascript programming examples with Meteor

I have been playing with the Javascript platform named Meteor. Now it has arrived at a stable version 1.0, I highly recommend it! These are not polished commercial products, but I managed to go from an idea to working prototype quite quickly, while learning JS along the way. They are designed to look good on mobile devices as well as desktop.

You will need to use a Facebook or Twitter account to log in and test. They are on the free Meteor server and won’t be blistering in pace.

A link shortener that I made for sharing links with students. It doesn’t use any ambiguous characters like 1 or l and doesn’t care about uppercase and lowercase.

An app to learn some simple English, for Spanish speakers. Uses a spaced-repetition algorithm so when you revise your list, it doesn’t ask every question, just the important ones for today.

A simple app that uses the Twitter search API. For example, if you search for ‘sushi’ it will show any recent tweets in the city of Tuxtla Gutierrez (where I lived in Mexico), allowing a business to find new clients.

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