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Blog vs Twitter

Posted by Big_Joel

Is it worth writing blog posts for your students to read anymore? My feeling is that few, if any, will get through a full blog post. Twitter may be the way to go. I would use it like a whiteboard: limited space, but if it is there, it is important! What do you think? [This […]...
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Javascript programming examples with Meteor

Posted by Big_Joel

I have been playing with the Javascript platform named Meteor. Now it has arrived at a stable version 1.0, I highly recommend it! These are not polished commercial products, but I managed to go from an idea to working prototype quite quickly, while learning JS along the way. They are designed to loo...
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Animated GIFs for classroom fun!

Posted by Big_Joel

If you have ever seen The Simpsons or Family Guy then you know how much fun the cut scenes can be, like this one: YouTube Family Guy cut scene You can do something similar in the classroom if you have a computer connected to a projector. “Teacher, I couldn’t do my homework because I lent...
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